Voting with My Head and My Heart - Roxane Gay

"I like, admire, and respect so many things about Mrs. Clinton. She is fiercely ambitious, intelligent, funny, interesting and complex. She prepares for everything she does like her life depends on it and in many ways, politically speaking, it does.

During each of the three presidential debates I marveled at the extent of Mrs. Clinton’s policy knowledge and how she knew when and where to attack her opponent. I’m also thrilled to see a woman as president. Small-minded people want to call this voting with my vagina, as if there is something wrong with wanting to see a woman become president after 44 men have had a go at it. Despite the historicity of this moment, I am voting with my head, mostly, and some of my heart."

Great short opinion piece by Roxane Gay about the complexity of Clinton, and how it is possible to vote with both your head AND your heart. 


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