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I Am Not Your Enemy

I Am Not Your Enemy

We all know by now that our President will not stop tweeting. Not in the normal President way of using twitter, but a true stream of consciousness that even the most avid users of social media should aspire to. So as we enter into the new year and tomorrow’s inevitable inauguration became a reality worth facing, I was not at all surprised to be wished a happy new year from our President-elect via his favorite medium:

Does something seem weird about this to you…? Above the normal Trumpiness of this tweet?

Mr. Trump, I may have ‘fought’ you. I certainly did not vote for you. I stand up against nearly every single thing you manage to say. I disagree with your policies and your stereotypes and your generalizations. Yes, I reject your lack of diversity and your view of the world. But I am not your enemy.

Enemy. That is really the word that you used there. Not opponent, or peer, or even adversary. Enemy.

I am your citizen. You run the nation that has shaped how I see the world, that I am proud of even in our darkest moments, and that I fight to protect and build up every single day. You are nominating those who will set the budget that will pay the salary of my soon to be husband, and who will hopefully protect the environment that I hope to live in for a long time. You are responsible for the funding the interstates I drive to visit my family, and yes, the protections against international adversaries. You are threatening to violently change how I receive my $450/month prescriptions, and you are interested in deporting my neighbors. You and your administration are playing chicken with the international community, and yet you continue to publicly brag about your TV show ratings.

For those of you who are waiting for Trump to somehow ‘become presidential’ and ‘unify us’ in any way, please, see clearly. Last week he literally used the excuse of “I won the election” as an excuse to not release his tax returns. Does he not understand that this isn’t the Super Bowl? You ‘winning’ is just the very beginning. You ‘winning’ actually means you are now held to a much, much higher bar than you ever were as candidate or President-elect.

So yes, I may be someone who you dislike. I will be the pesky voices calling Paul Ryan’s office every single time he makes another stupid statement about health insurance. I have been on the phone with my own Senators dozens of times ensuring they hear me loud and clear. I plan on entering a life of public service myself, largely to help my community build up plans and protections that run directly counter to most of yours.

And yes, I will watch your inauguration speech tomorrow with sorrow in my heart, but drive in my voice. I will move and shake and force my community to listen to me. I will bring more voters into the fray next time around by knocking on even more doors, and I will do my absolute best to protect those around me who are threatened by your rhetoric.

But believe me when I say that I am most saddened that you believe I am your enemy, because you are not mine.

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