Why I'm Starting Now

I've always flirted with the idea of running a blog. I even "have" a film photography blog that became too expensive and difficult to maintain. 

But in the last 18 months, as this country spun even deeper into an election like no other, my passion for human rights and politics began to gain momentum. It's easy to get caught up in it all when one candidate is daily insulting a new group of people, presenting a tax plan that even conservatives can't get behind, or consistently suggesting he is (literally) the greatest at everything. And while it is no secret who I support, I don't want to give off the false impression that I don't empathize with Trump voters.

My feed, you see, is full of conservative friends and family members. When I lived in Albuquerque, I was very involved in a church and volunteered up to 30-40 hours a week there at times. Those friends and I have now taken a fork in the road ideologically, but I still respect and love many of those friends and have watched them struggle with Trump's candidacy. I understand that the heart of their world view is very different from mine, and I understand that it must be very difficult to strongly identify with a world view and a set of conservative ideologies that are essentially not being represented in this election.

As such, I've found myself in a wide variety of conversations online in the last year and a half. I've watched every single debate (red and blue),, and while my decision was made up early in the race  I have had conversations that have changed my opinion on certain issues. Because of this, I am not afraid to engage in debate online, and simply throw it out because "no one changes their mind on Facebook." 

I've engaged with high school friends, church friends, friends who are even more left-leaning than myself, and even my mother (who also, as far as I can tell, is voting for Trump.) These conversations have strengthened and reinforced my opinions on many social issues, while critiquing and dissolving some opinions I used to believe were bullet proof. Over the last several months, I have received more than just a few Facebook messages that encouraged the little seed of writing inside of me, and let me know that even if people were publicly debating me on every issue, my thoughts were echoed by many in my personal network. People have shared my posts and encouraged me to write more.

So here we are! 

I hope to continue writing opinion on politics, current events, and human rights, while concurrently sharing lifestyle and fashion photos and topics as well. If you see something you think I should read, would agree with, or should share, please share it with me! For the foreseeable future, I will be keeping all my comment sections open to the public, because debate and conversation is the only way I've learned anything about opposing mind views thus far, and hope to continue this past this election season and into a more 'normal' day to day life (dear god please let political life get more normal soon).