How come none of my friends listened to me last year when we had these hard conversations? Why do they get to be the good guys when its convenient for them? I'm sad. Heartbroken. We have a very, very long fight ahead of us, if speaking out against the most overt white supremacy our country has seen in decades somehow is getting these people a medal.

I Am Not Your Enemy

Mr. Trump, I may have ‘fought’ you. I certainly did not vote for you. I stand up against nearly every single thing you manage to say. I disagree with your policies and your stereotypes and your generalizations. Yes, I reject your lack of diversity and your view of the world. But I am not your enemy.

A Republican Congress I Could Trust

Since my blog is still young, I have to start this post by promising you I don’t simply disagree with republicans just to disagree. My degree in economics actually has me agreeing with a more conservative mindset in many macroeconomic concepts, and I am much more center left than most of my friends, including my fiancée Justin. I’m not writing this piece to be a left-ist mouthpiece.


So, for the first time ever, along with setting some goals for myself for this year, I am dedicating this year and all the decisions I make along the way to one word; fearless. *cue Taylor Swift*. I am dedicating myself to making decisions that are no longer based out of fear, but instead reflect my true heart and my serious resolutions.